Thursday, 3 June 2010


At last, we have something fresh to feast our eyes on! YouTube user 'iamamiwhoami' has released, yet again another visual sensation entitled 'n'. The artist (most likely Jonna Lee from the stills captured) has been posting videos since the end of last year, with a gap of about 3-6 weeks between each video release.
After half a year of speculation, we have been mislead to believe that the artist responsible was either:
  1. Lady Gaga.
  2. Goldfrapp
  3. Little Boots
  4. Karin Dreijer Andersson from 'The Knife'.
  5. The Golden Filter
.....and at one point we were hopeful that this was Christina Aguilera's doing. Sadly we were dubbed fools after her release of 'Not Myself Tonight'.
Despite the fact that nobody has justified their involvement with the project or come out of the wood-work, most of the viewers don't really care as long as we are being promised an album or some kind of EP release some time soon. The music keeps getting better and the mystery is becoming less important.
Focusing on 'n'.... Well, it's a completely different style of music from what we had heard from the previous track 'u-2' but it's not exactly something we weren't expecting. All other stylistic methods seen in previous videos have been kept consistent:
the distorted blotches over camera movement, the composition, subject matter such as the dog and the cat, the outdoor setting, the female camouflaged by dark facial make-up, the use of recyclable materials and objects.

In the first scene of the video, we see the female in a completely different appearance; where she is lying in a bed of salad; seasoned with peppercorns and salt as if she were a piece of meat waiting to be eaten. We now see she has piercing blue eyes:

Definitely Jonna Lee's features! It's really funny though, because when I looked at this image still, it reminded me so much of another striking blonde who I've admired since the youthful times. . . . I know it's not her, but she reminds me of Annie Lennox:

See the resemblance?
In that particular scene, we notice the camera zooms out to reveal the full body shot of the female subject in salad, although her state of appearance is reminiscent of the Mandrake plant; which has been an integral subject of particular focus and consistency in this project:

Moving onto another still taken from the music video, here she is pictured below; sporting her usual blackened face and Northern European blonde hair and walking through the woods looking ever so vulnerable and sexually suggestive than she usually does. In the other videos, she looks incredibly evil such as this picture taken from the 5th Video.

It's different in comparison with the other videos because we can see her exposed face without the camera trickery and distortion, the natural light accentuates her features. The scene where she is lying in salad, she is minimally disguised.
So where exactly is this going? Judging by the approach the artist has kept quite consistent in releasing full tracks, I reckon it could be a while before we get a finalised album release. That, or it is incredibly soon. I don't know whether doing it in this fashion could be beneficial, as I reckon revealing all of her material before we get our greasy mits on a copy may not be such a good idea. We'll just need to wait and see!