Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I have finally decided to venture into the studio and upload some of the perspectives taken from inside my Wig Shop design, which was to be completed under a period of two weeks.

A few elements of the shop are missing, such as the pegs to hook up wigs and an actual counter to purchase your items, however these will be included for the finalised project when we have to hand in our folio at the end of May.

Below is the brief from our set-up client:

The site is a small shop/kiosk in Buchanan Street.

Your clients have decided to set up a new business retailing female wigs and hair extensions. They have very minimal capital. One will give up her present job to run the shop, the other will con
tinue to work to subsidise the initial trading period. They hope to test the viability of the venture in this small unit and quickly move to bigger premises if potential is proven.

They anticipate that their clients will be primarily interested in the fashion potential of their products but hope also to sell a significant number of wigs as a cosmetic solution to hair loss. Some of the sales in the latter category will be subsidised by the NHS. Your clients are keen to establish this market as a regular source of custom. They also hope for and expect a few transvestite cust
omers. The products are comparitively expensive, typically between £150 and £200.

They want to display at least ten wigs on "heads" - they can only afford featureless white polystyrene models. They also want to hang at least twenty other wigs on pegs so that they are easily accessible to customers. They would also like to display ten A4 size photographs that can be easily changed. They need storage space for up to fifty wigs each in a cardboard box, 330x210x70mm.

They nee
d a private area in which customers may try on wigs. It should have a chair, a table and a mirror. There should also be a mirror in the display area.

They need a table big enough to take a cash register, a credit card machine and a telephone - and to allow wrapping of items sold.

You need to provide a shop front display system. The clients favour something that will maximise display potential but will also give a degree of privacy to customers.

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