Saturday, 3 April 2010

Le Pain Quotidien - 922 7th Ave, New York City.

It was Thursday morning. Two days in and three of us had a huge hangover. We are indeed embassadors of the art school..

The night prior to this wonderful day of blistering cold wind and rain was spent in SPLASH - A gay club a few blocks down from our Hotel where they premiered Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video. I have to say, regardless of New Yorkers saying it to be a risque and sleazy joint (kid you not - pole dancers, people stripping down to their boxers to get in for free and people basically dry humping on the dancefloor) there was still more talent in there on one night than what there was to see in Glasgow over a period of years.

Talk about Embarrassing!

So anyway, that morning after sauntering out of a tour round the Hudson Hotel - (Phillipe Starck's 'masterpiece') we beamed towards 'Le Pain Quotidien' - a Belgian bakery which, to no surprise, was expensive but very tasty. It was very cosy to sit in, and it had many traditional elements considering it was a chain bakery. Everything looked very rustic and alot of the furniture had that reclaimed look to it.

(above) A few of the Interiors students caught off guard. Typically, Lorna gets into full 'Paparazzi' mode and whips out her beasting SLR. (below) Smoked salmon on homemade bread and a bed of salad - not really the answer to a hangover cure you'd expect as I was aiming for a fry-up that morning, but it was still pretty darn good. At $10 you'd be forced to enjoy it...

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