Tuesday, 13 April 2010


So here's another two images of my restaurant taken from the Loch Fyne Hotel Project. Really, I should have made a post including all these images to prevent clogging up the blog, but the images were developed at different periods of time, so I couldn't really wait to string them all together.

This is a view which shows sharing tables to the left (they intersect with a wall feature and continue through to another room) and some tables of two and four to the right. I thought I would show the ceiling cornices to add to the realism of the space. I'm really happy with what I've got from this.

Just now I am trying to figure out what needs to be added in order to complete this images. I'm in two minds about the ceiling, as I think it looks pretty bare. Though it doesn't look like this in the image, the room needs some physical lighting. I'm just concerned that it will ruin it.

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