Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Here's a visual of the bar lounge - part of the Loch Fyne Hotel Project. This is actually an old visual which is partially unfinished - the existing file has been tweaked and tightened up to look better and more realistic.

In this image, the bar chairs, shelving system and beer taps are missing, but still, it gives you an insight into what I was aiming for as a concept. The bar is the central feature and is circular to emphasise its presence in the room.

The existing bar of the current hotel (in real life) didn't really have much importance and was shadowed to the corner as if it were obsolete, so I assumed that by creating a centralised bar it would encourage people to use it more often.


  1. I love this idea Graeme, can smell the oysters and taste he champagne already! x

  2. Thank you!

    I'm considering that, although I don't know if they comply with the 3 Star standards! ]

    That's the ongoing struggle I have with this project, I keep forgetting that I have restrictions.