Monday, 22 March 2010


Possibly one of the coolest shops in the Chelsea district of NEW YORK CITY alongside COMMES DES GARÇONS, the BALENCIAGA boutique on West 22nd Street is definitely worth looking at if you're ever going to visit the city. Despite the fact that the shop clerks are a little snooty and extremely strict regarding us sneaky students taking photographs, I got some cheeky snaps from the front entrance:

There's something extremely unique about Chelsea. From first impressions it seems partly deserted and disconnected from the rest of the city. Many of the retail units are formerly old warehouses and factories, so you should never judge a building by its facade I suppose! It is particular hotspot for galleries, exhibitions and high end boutiques, much like the Meatpacking district. Funnily enough, both districts are easily accessible via THE HIGHLINE - a former disused elevated railway that is now a stunning public realm. I will put some photos up in my next post.

Outside Comme des Garçons.

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