Thursday, 4 February 2010


So here I have posted a few images of the hotel project I worked on for the past few months at art school. They're not an accurate representation of the final product but I think they do enough justice for now. I'll be returning to this when I have enough spare time on my hands.

As much as I did enjoy this project, it took me a while to properly engage with the brief and pull a finger or two out. It's probably the one piece of work I actually like!

These are some of the sheets that were submitted for the first and second term of the course.

The first two sheets consist of visuals from the Lounge Bar and Restaurant area of the Loch Fyne Hotel Project. Though some of the images will need an update due to project tweaking, they're not too far away from the desired concept:

The following three sheets are visuals and details in regards to one of the Bedroom Suites in the hotel. It is one of the larger rooms of the hotel, and consists of a wetroom, cupboard storage/safe space and main lounge/bedroom area.

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