Tuesday, 1 December 2009


This project is taking a hell of a lot longer than I expected. You forget how little time you have for deadlines and you get caught up in the moment the last remaining 2 weeks before it's due. Is that a mutual thing or just me?

So yeah, I've been up 'til stupid o-clock most nights perfecting the Vectorworks of my hotel project. It's coming along nicely but I reckon it won't be a patch on anything I originally wanted.

Enough of the pessimism. I should be grateful that I have less than a week now to conclude it. To be honest though, I wouldn't mind continuing the project after Christmas, as I reckon over the holidays I'll come up with even more ideas. Just now I'm working on the idea of a patisserie/waiting area just as you have booked into reception. I've found a particularly interesting patisserie located in London called 'The Modern Pantry'. It's exactly what I want to create.
Also looked at old traditional Pharmacies for shelving ideas behind the counter, where I plan to display crockery, jars and other relevant paraphenelia.