Friday, 6 November 2009

Research Commenced

Okay so I've started doing some floor plans, but I've come up with some images which are inspiring for this project. It's difficult to decipher what I want to actually achieve as an outcome for this project, but I'm hoping for it to be original and not go down a completely jaded track, which seems to be working in my favour recently. Getting started is the most difficult thing, but I know once I get into this, my room will be swamped with stuff.

I want to use a really earthy pallete, and focus more on sculptural form inspired from Scottish landscape as opposed to cladding walls in tartan textiles and anything considered a major stereotype. Of course, I need to think about keeping tight with the brief, but there should be a more subtle approach to this. I also need to keep in mind that I am limited to material decision as the budget for 3 star hotels is surely not supposed to exceed 5 star quality.

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