Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Getting Carried Away.

Aren't sketchbooks a great way of distracting yourself? Sure, they encourage a creative spurt but I have found myself drawing fictional city maps done on my own accord, when really I should be drawing up my first floor plans of this hotel project. Damn you, fine line pens. However, thanks to a useful resource named Luke Neve, whom has passed on some useful information, I have discovered that we can go to the Architecture Department and print off A0 size images for as cheap as £2 greyscale and £10 colour! So I was thinking that I could maybe explode this image or do something worthwhile, seeing as I spent aimless hours concentrating on it and impaling my vision. You have to click on this to view it at higher quality. My computer had a stroke loading this, and this isn't even the full two pages scanned!

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