Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Plagiarism is just the pessimistic word for inspiration.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


So I know my blog has had some very recent attention and it's bombarded with images, but I feel like it's a mandatory thing to update it daily with something which has inspired or caught my eye recently. It's starting to feel less harrowing as it's more of a general blog as opposed to just being used at uni.

Alright, so we've just had our first review. We all have nice ideas but it's about time we all cracked the whip and got to it! I'm so nervous yet excited about this project at the same time. I appeared to have gotten complimentary comments on the choice of research images, and constructive criticism towards how I should negotiate this floor plan was greatly appreciated. Here's to not being confused!


I'm on a role here with the blog entries. How cool is this?! Who's gonna buy me one? Remember and deliver it to Bank Street, for those of you who are thinking of getting me a belated birthday present! I kid?

And I also found a good use for the Homecoming Scotland Coca Cola bottles that I've been collecting from work, seeing as they don't recycle. Best not going to waste, though now I'm wishing I started to collect the Clear bottles.


Over the past few days, I've tried to visualise the hotel project in more depth. It's currently nowhere past the research stage but I think I'm finally getting somewhere with it. Having looked BRIEFLY at the brief ( Punintended hahahahaha), I have gathered images which I believe are inspiring me more about this project. Keeping in mind that this hotel is to reflect the culture and heritage of Scotland, I hope not to go off tangent with this, though it is kind of hard to look away from this website which I discovered this morning (yes, at 06:00) 'Pinch Design'. They do some rather attractive, yet ridiculously expensive furniture, which is miffing me off a little because I'm ever so tempted to deck out the hotel in this stuff. CURSE the day I was given Rural THREE Star :(.

Anyone else feeling a guilty five star vibe?

Friday, 6 November 2009

A new found love....

Flicking through some magazines and books, I have a new found love for the Australian cosmetics and bodycare company 'Aesop', as they have some very simplistic, yet beautiful interior spaces which were designed by Studioilse. Their stores consist of furniture that works harmoniously against the colours used. Just look at this stunning spiral staircase with the parquet flooring! Though it is simple, it just works.

Research Commenced

Okay so I've started doing some floor plans, but I've come up with some images which are inspiring for this project. It's difficult to decipher what I want to actually achieve as an outcome for this project, but I'm hoping for it to be original and not go down a completely jaded track, which seems to be working in my favour recently. Getting started is the most difficult thing, but I know once I get into this, my room will be swamped with stuff.

I want to use a really earthy pallete, and focus more on sculptural form inspired from Scottish landscape as opposed to cladding walls in tartan textiles and anything considered a major stereotype. Of course, I need to think about keeping tight with the brief, but there should be a more subtle approach to this. I also need to keep in mind that I am limited to material decision as the budget for 3 star hotels is surely not supposed to exceed 5 star quality.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Getting Carried Away.

Aren't sketchbooks a great way of distracting yourself? Sure, they encourage a creative spurt but I have found myself drawing fictional city maps done on my own accord, when really I should be drawing up my first floor plans of this hotel project. Damn you, fine line pens. However, thanks to a useful resource named Luke Neve, whom has passed on some useful information, I have discovered that we can go to the Architecture Department and print off A0 size images for as cheap as £2 greyscale and £10 colour! So I was thinking that I could maybe explode this image or do something worthwhile, seeing as I spent aimless hours concentrating on it and impaling my vision. You have to click on this to view it at higher quality. My computer had a stroke loading this, and this isn't even the full two pages scanned!