Thursday, 8 October 2009

The design process....

  1. Start off by arranging a general collection of researched images. They should reflect or represent a general idea of what you are aiming to achieve in the finished output. It is an integral part of what you have as final decisions. You begin the actual design process after this with the decision of where certain elements will be contained within the interior. Materials and furniture choice comes later when your design has developed into something definitive. It should be kept in mind to think of balances of the interior. Are you deciding on functionality over aesthetics, or practicality over irrationality?
  2. As mentioned in my previous post, you should always constantly create ideas and you should never take the first one that comes to mind to the design process. Further your flow of creativity to the best of its ability. Here you are able to identify and eliminate the more obscure or unnecessary elements which tend to distract from what you aim to achieve. Eliminating unnecessary or unrealistic ideas which have no beneficial impact helps to keep you on tract and not to distract yourself away from the project. However, consider the possibility that you may use the unused ideas for later enhancement into something more feasible. These ideas will also signify your progression from something primitive to something very complex, so do not discard them. They could be valuable in the next few years!
  3. Until your design is functional, you should then consider the alteration of certain elements, which could play an integral part in the psychology of the space. They may also help to emphasize these elements to a standard which you did not set out to create. Consider, also, the possibilities of alternative routes as you may discover that you like something else instead or believe that it is more effective in captivating the user. Decisions of the overall look should be rooted from your research, or at least be a source of your central inspiration. Part of the design process is challenging yourself to the best of your ability but also to surprise yourself as to what you thought you were incapable of doing previouisly. Your final output could be a complete contrast from what you set out to create, but in the process it should essentially be to your satisfaction, keeping in mind that it also serves its purpose for the intended user.

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