Thursday, 28 October 2010


So it's now fourth year; which means blog entries are going to be even less likely; despite the fact I neglected the blog for a good while. My last post was months ago!

Anyway, I thought I'd give an insight into the first project we've been given. The year have been segregated into three alternative retail outlets:

  • Bicycle Shop.
  • Perfume & Beauty.
  • Men's Retail.
I was allocated Perfume & Beauty. Everyone gets the same floor-plan; which is apparently located within a shopping centre. Here are some images from what I've conjured up in the past few weeks.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


VIKTOR & ROLF - Fall 2010, PARIS

I was reading an article in the latest issue of 'FRAME' in which Jane Szita talks about the latest from Set Design.

Viktor & Rolf held their latest runway show entitled ' The Glamour Factory' in the Spring of Paris this year. What made their show so spectacular wasn't just the continuously stunning collection of clothing, but their graphic backdrop helped to accentuate the clothes and provided a key link to the word 'factory', as the set conveys imagery of industrial elements.


" It takes a dashing décor indeed to hold its own against the extravagant fashion statements of Viktor & Rolf, but Studio Job's catwalk set pulled it off admirably. At the fashion house's Spring show in Paris, the set, called Glamour Factory, covered 1000 square metres of catwalk and backdrop with intricate, grey-toned patterns featuring a tapestry of industrial motifs: smoking chimneys, aeroplanes, pylons, cogs, bolds and hammers among them. Astute observers might have recognised the pattern from Studio Job's 2008 marquetry series, called Industry. For the set, the pattern was transformed into 'a more theatrical,3D form, ' according to Nynke Tynagel, one half of Studio Job. Under the dramatic lighting, a baroquely attired Kristen McMenamy looked perfectly at home teetering through the evocative Metropolis-like landscape. 'It was pleasant to see how naturally this architectural scene was absorbed by the glamour of the fashion industry,' says Tynagel. "

Model: Kristen McMenemy

ARTICLE taken from FRAME MAGAZINE, Issue 75 : July/August 2010.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


At last, we have something fresh to feast our eyes on! YouTube user 'iamamiwhoami' has released, yet again another visual sensation entitled 'n'. The artist (most likely Jonna Lee from the stills captured) has been posting videos since the end of last year, with a gap of about 3-6 weeks between each video release.
After half a year of speculation, we have been mislead to believe that the artist responsible was either:
  1. Lady Gaga.
  2. Goldfrapp
  3. Little Boots
  4. Karin Dreijer Andersson from 'The Knife'.
  5. The Golden Filter
.....and at one point we were hopeful that this was Christina Aguilera's doing. Sadly we were dubbed fools after her release of 'Not Myself Tonight'.
Despite the fact that nobody has justified their involvement with the project or come out of the wood-work, most of the viewers don't really care as long as we are being promised an album or some kind of EP release some time soon. The music keeps getting better and the mystery is becoming less important.
Focusing on 'n'.... Well, it's a completely different style of music from what we had heard from the previous track 'u-2' but it's not exactly something we weren't expecting. All other stylistic methods seen in previous videos have been kept consistent:
the distorted blotches over camera movement, the composition, subject matter such as the dog and the cat, the outdoor setting, the female camouflaged by dark facial make-up, the use of recyclable materials and objects.

In the first scene of the video, we see the female in a completely different appearance; where she is lying in a bed of salad; seasoned with peppercorns and salt as if she were a piece of meat waiting to be eaten. We now see she has piercing blue eyes:

Definitely Jonna Lee's features! It's really funny though, because when I looked at this image still, it reminded me so much of another striking blonde who I've admired since the youthful times. . . . I know it's not her, but she reminds me of Annie Lennox:

See the resemblance?
In that particular scene, we notice the camera zooms out to reveal the full body shot of the female subject in salad, although her state of appearance is reminiscent of the Mandrake plant; which has been an integral subject of particular focus and consistency in this project:

Moving onto another still taken from the music video, here she is pictured below; sporting her usual blackened face and Northern European blonde hair and walking through the woods looking ever so vulnerable and sexually suggestive than she usually does. In the other videos, she looks incredibly evil such as this picture taken from the 5th Video.

It's different in comparison with the other videos because we can see her exposed face without the camera trickery and distortion, the natural light accentuates her features. The scene where she is lying in salad, she is minimally disguised.
So where exactly is this going? Judging by the approach the artist has kept quite consistent in releasing full tracks, I reckon it could be a while before we get a finalised album release. That, or it is incredibly soon. I don't know whether doing it in this fashion could be beneficial, as I reckon revealing all of her material before we get our greasy mits on a copy may not be such a good idea. We'll just need to wait and see!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Music Office - Final Images

Our final project of the year was a large square space which was to accommodate an Office for workers of a music company. Columns made it challenging to create spaces within the space, but somehow their impact has resulted in this outcome. I have also grown to enjoy this project. It was quite intimidating at first, but once you've achieved a floor plan, everything from there on is a breeze.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Photograph taken by my friend Grant as part of his 'Young Creatives' Folio final hand-in. It was a gorgeous day, which meant the Hen Run , where I'm standing in this photo, became the humid tropics. I'm convinced the heating was on. Glaswegian sun doesn't penetrate our pasty white skin.

View his photography here and here.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


cover art for 'Crystal Castles (II)'

I have been waiting patiently for their highly anticipated return. Since their last album release in 2008, Ethan Kath and Alice Glass - widely known as Crystal Castles - have recently announced that they will be touring. They happen to be playing at the ABC in October! Finally! I was gutted when I realised I would miss them playing at Rock Ness, so this has made my day completely.

Not only that, I was thankful to discover that their new album, 'Crystal Castles (II)' is available now. I have spent my free time listening to the new album just to grow accustomed to the new material, and I am loving it. It's a grower! Sure, a majority of the 'new' album is very reminiscent of their self titled debut album, but it has not failed to deliver a compilation of tracks that would guarantee a Summer ASBO and the possibility of severe hearing damage.

Tracks such as 'Baptism' , 'Doe Deer' , 'Vietnam' , 'Birds' are all potential floor-filling head bangers that would be perfect for the most unplanned intoxicated night out; whilst other tracks such as 'Celestica' and 'Intimate' have an almost sort of disco-esque beat behind them. The track 'Violent Dreams' has the potential to be included in the soundtrack to your hangover remedy for the day after. The album has created an eclectic balance of 'loud obnoxious filth noise' with the ' ambiently experimentally synthesised' songs, some which are hauntingly reminiscent of a creepy movie; Glass's vocals are the reason behind this!

Though slightly repetitive in small doses throughout, overall I would say the album is worth a listen.

Somebody on YouTube has also recently remixed the track 'Baptism' with Rihanna's 'Rude Boy'. Though the mix is relatively short; lasting just under two minutes; it's a pretty nifty little mash-up.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thursday, 29 April 2010


As part of the development of my folio hand in for 3rd year, I decided to go back to tidy up the master bedroom suite for the hotel project. I have now added cornices, adjusted lighting and added a headboard and bed quilts for the bed.

I've also taken an image and swapped the layout round, which I am in more in favour of and will probably keep it like this. I will need to change the floorplans and such though, which is a bit of an annoyance:

Getting excited now though. I'm hoping my folio will look pretty meaty after all this tweaking and such.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


I have amended the lounge bar of the hotel project. I have now included the bar stools, altered the materials used for the bar surface and to the right of the visual, you will notice I have now included lounge seating near the large windows.

I'm almost there with this project. I'll admit that the tweaking to perfection is a little arsey and has cost me and arm and a legs worth in time length, but it will be beneficial when I'm arranging my folio together. I'm excited for this hand in!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


So here's another two images of my restaurant taken from the Loch Fyne Hotel Project. Really, I should have made a post including all these images to prevent clogging up the blog, but the images were developed at different periods of time, so I couldn't really wait to string them all together.

This is a view which shows sharing tables to the left (they intersect with a wall feature and continue through to another room) and some tables of two and four to the right. I thought I would show the ceiling cornices to add to the realism of the space. I'm really happy with what I've got from this.

Just now I am trying to figure out what needs to be added in order to complete this images. I'm in two minds about the ceiling, as I think it looks pretty bare. Though it doesn't look like this in the image, the room needs some physical lighting. I'm just concerned that it will ruin it.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I have finally decided to venture into the studio and upload some of the perspectives taken from inside my Wig Shop design, which was to be completed under a period of two weeks.

A few elements of the shop are missing, such as the pegs to hook up wigs and an actual counter to purchase your items, however these will be included for the finalised project when we have to hand in our folio at the end of May.

Below is the brief from our set-up client:

The site is a small shop/kiosk in Buchanan Street.

Your clients have decided to set up a new business retailing female wigs and hair extensions. They have very minimal capital. One will give up her present job to run the shop, the other will con
tinue to work to subsidise the initial trading period. They hope to test the viability of the venture in this small unit and quickly move to bigger premises if potential is proven.

They anticipate that their clients will be primarily interested in the fashion potential of their products but hope also to sell a significant number of wigs as a cosmetic solution to hair loss. Some of the sales in the latter category will be subsidised by the NHS. Your clients are keen to establish this market as a regular source of custom. They also hope for and expect a few transvestite cust
omers. The products are comparitively expensive, typically between £150 and £200.

They want to display at least ten wigs on "heads" - they can only afford featureless white polystyrene models. They also want to hang at least twenty other wigs on pegs so that they are easily accessible to customers. They would also like to display ten A4 size photographs that can be easily changed. They need storage space for up to fifty wigs each in a cardboard box, 330x210x70mm.

They nee
d a private area in which customers may try on wigs. It should have a chair, a table and a mirror. There should also be a mirror in the display area.

They need a table big enough to take a cash register, a credit card machine and a telephone - and to allow wrapping of items sold.

You need to provide a shop front display system. The clients favour something that will maximise display potential but will also give a degree of privacy to customers.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Le Pain Quotidien - 922 7th Ave, New York City.

It was Thursday morning. Two days in and three of us had a huge hangover. We are indeed embassadors of the art school..

The night prior to this wonderful day of blistering cold wind and rain was spent in SPLASH - A gay club a few blocks down from our Hotel where they premiered Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video. I have to say, regardless of New Yorkers saying it to be a risque and sleazy joint (kid you not - pole dancers, people stripping down to their boxers to get in for free and people basically dry humping on the dancefloor) there was still more talent in there on one night than what there was to see in Glasgow over a period of years.

Talk about Embarrassing!

So anyway, that morning after sauntering out of a tour round the Hudson Hotel - (Phillipe Starck's 'masterpiece') we beamed towards 'Le Pain Quotidien' - a Belgian bakery which, to no surprise, was expensive but very tasty. It was very cosy to sit in, and it had many traditional elements considering it was a chain bakery. Everything looked very rustic and alot of the furniture had that reclaimed look to it.

(above) A few of the Interiors students caught off guard. Typically, Lorna gets into full 'Paparazzi' mode and whips out her beasting SLR. (below) Smoked salmon on homemade bread and a bed of salad - not really the answer to a hangover cure you'd expect as I was aiming for a fry-up that morning, but it was still pretty darn good. At $10 you'd be forced to enjoy it...

Friday, 2 April 2010


I miss you so much.
I'm not feeling myself recently. I'm finding it really difficult to try and just look straight on and forget certain things that have happened through extreme bad luck in the past few months, and I'm exhausted emotionally and physically.

I've been bed ridden pretty much the latter part of Easter and I've not been working alot to try and keep my mind off things. I'm in this vicious cycle where I'm getting nothing sorted. I have no money so therefore I don't want to leave the house, or my bed for that matter. My sleeping pattern is also already screwed. Usually a holiday is a period that allows my body to get back into its original regime.

And still, I think everything is to do with the reality of being back home and not having my own set of rules. I was completely devastated after those three months of amazing times with Ricky, Sean and Amanda were taken away from me instantly. I can't really think of any other solutions. I was confined to living with three other friends, but I loved it so much that I really need it back. I was doing really well at Uni for the first term, but when we were evicted my marks were evidently affected by it.

Another of my problems was not informing my tutor about this problem, and that the workload at that time was impossible to complete. My mentality was to overlook the problem by trying to get all the work done during time that was previously lost. Time caught up so fast and I failed to deliver.

I guess I'm also an extremely big push over. I don't confront my problems. I just sweep them under the carpet and try to bottle things up. I suppose that's why I feel like this just now, but I really don't know how I can sort myself out. It's easy for people to advise you on how you should live, but unless they know how to live with the problem you're dealing with, then it's extremely hard.